Multiple Sclerosis

When I had treated 50 cases of MS from the dental standpoint, someone told me I should write a book on the subject. Seeing a wide variety in cases called MS, I made the statement, "When I have seen one thousand cases, I will write a book."

Well guess what? In mid-1999, I saw my thousandth case. May be off by a couple one direction or the other, but now I have seen a couple of dozen more. Call it one thousand. Out of these, how many sub-divisions do you think I have seen? You guessed it. One thousand!

Yes, there are subtle differences in each of them, yet there are threads that are present in all of the cases.

And now I've written the book! In Solving The MS Mystery I address the central themes as well as the common variations. This book has practical information as well as scientific information for the professional. Take a look at the table of contents. Information you need to know to give yourself informed consent for treatment is now available.

I made a video on the Coors Study a couple of years ago. In the Coors Study we did a big series of blood studies, took out amalgams, tested the blood again, tested again and then replaced the amalgam, tested again and removed again and retested again. (Imagine volunteering for such a study.) The results were impressive.

Are all the cases successful? No, but I think I know why. I know one thing - the Protocol works, but not everyone works the Protocol. Mathematically the Protocol is not fair. If you follow 50 percent of it, should you expect a 50 percent result? No. Maybe ten percent. MS is an incurable disease. As of this writing, the MS society offers a zero percent possibility of improvement. Obtaining improvement is a tough job. Just removing fillings and root canals is not the answer. Part of it, yes, in fact a very important part-but not the whole story.

In Solving The MS Mystery I tell the whole story. Success and failure are part of it. If you do nothing, you know what will happen. Over 85 percent of the people who have seriously tried this Protocol receive enough improvement to feel it was worth their efforts. Many have had super recoveries. But, my feeling is that win or lose, MS didn't have to happen. It is preventable.

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